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Any extraordinary vision requires determination, persistence and passion.

And when you want to prove and validate technology that has an innovative, reliable, beneficial impact on all global energy related industries – renewables or non-renewables– from generation, transmission or distribution, it requires skills and deep capabilities.

Power Potentials is a new idea factory from Transkinect Pte Ltd Singapore. Founded in 2014 by Ihab Seidy with two local Singaporeans.


Mr. Seidy had spent eight-years in the Arab Gulf region during the booming construction years, but then decided to continue to pursue his lifelong vision of power innovation to the world.

A move to Singapore rekindled Ihab's desire to explore the frontiers of more efficient, sustainable power. He saw the overwhelming power injustices of service and cost around the world and wondered how technology could make greener power more affordable to everyone.

So four years of experimentation, research and study produced a
"smart hump" product that used the kinetic energy of passing vehicles on roads  to generate clean power that could be utilized in many applications along any city streets or highways.

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And then the first free-standing machines... increasing efficiency, decreasing size...

Through years of government and investor support, a US patent, a global network of passionate power partners and scientists, participating in international energy conferences , publishing scientific papers to engage the science & research communities, more tests and improvements, The PowerBox™ was born. A one cubic-meter machine. A replacement for conventional solar inverters that provides continuous, reliable  power- even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.


The dream of more power, at less cost for anyone, anywhere is finally a reality.


Why is Power Potentials based in Singapore?

Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in the world for the most attractive business environments for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Ihab's technology vision got attention from local business partners and gained confidence and support from the Singapore Government thru ESG Enterprise Singapore, an entity that supports entrepreneurs and SMES.

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