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Every potential power solution needs

to be evaluated on full lifecycle costs,

benefits and risks.

Which is why we are confident of

The PowerBox’s performance,

value, cost-savings, reliability, efficiency

and sustainability.

We feel secure in presenting

an exceptional investment opportunity.

The PowerBox™ Value Proposition

An Example: Solar and Wind's Critical Challenges 2022

The demand for solar and wind power is exploding.

Solar investments are growing at the rate of over 46%

Wind investments are growing at the rate of over 29%


The PowerBox from Power Potentials ends this race to the bottom.

The PowerBox lowers cost and dramatically increases solar

and wind power efficiency reliability and sustainability.

Our technology will also support geothermal,

hydroelectric and other renewables.

Power Potentials offers an exceptional investment

opportunity with sustainable global value. With rapid,

scalable growth and undeniable results for utilities,

businesses and residences around the world.


Financial summary:

In less than five years, we have capitalized over $2,500,000.00 from:

  • Three government entities of Singapore

  • Research and Development Grants

  • Founder contributions



  • We have agreements with eight (8) global test partners.

  • We have an exclusive contract dealership contract in Uganda.

  • We have received CE compliance from TUV (Netherlands).

  • We were selected as one of the world’s “Most Promising Energy Companies" by EnergySpin in September 2020 (Finland)

  • We have an exclusive commitment with a major power partner in The Netherlands 

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