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Are you a renewable energy lover?
You’ll love what The PowerBox™ will do for a greener world.

Over four years of testing, refinement and improvements.
Governmental and private funding support.
A US patent, test certifications, global test partners and public enthusiasm.

We’re seeking:
- Technology validation Scroll down to view our Validation Plan PDF.

- Testing partners to test The PowerBox LIVE on site.

- Experts in logistics and manufacturing efficiencies
- Energy-Certified Managers who can help us secure large-scale clients

We’re offering:
- Remote online access for monitoring
- Third-party replication rights sales based on mutual agreements
- If you can visit us in Singapore, they say “seeing is believing.”

Be sure to study and read the images files and documents available below.
CLICK  on any image below.

Our Testing and Results Report


Our Validation Plan

Our Technical White Paper

PowerBox Testing/Validation Application

US Patent Application

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