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Global talent. Passion and focused innovation.

Ihab Seidy

inventor & founder

Born in Egypt with an insatiable desire to probe and discover the nature of motion, energy and machines. Years in the construction business in Dubai brought his deep engineering background to a much wider scope.

The desire to do something significant with visionary machine energy, took him to Singapore to both launch power potentials and to begin his quest to bring power to the world’s powerless.

Joanne Law

financial & procurement manager & co-founder

With over 25 years experience in many administrative positions, she brings essential, valuable, dedicated, determined energy to the power potentials global vision.


Paul MacFarlane 

business & brand strategy

American and world citizen with decades of experience as a thinker, writer, designer, director and public speaker with global fortune 500 clients.

Shares the same passion for clean energy progress and bringing power
 to the powerless as the company’s founder. Leads a global team of 
world-class brand professionals.

Kim Peng Foo 

director for strategic partnership

Experienced Shareholder with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Research, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Microsoft Word, and Leadership.

Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Program for Management Development focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Harvard Business School.

Kim Peng Foo.jpeg

Adrian Surma 

software engineer & automation expert

Brings a lifetime of software engineering and development experience and a practical mastery of

C# .NET, ANGULAR JS/2/4/5, NODE.JS, and Classic ASP. Adrian brings world-class elegance, security and fluidity to our software, UX and UI.


After all, what good is world-changing technology if it’s not reliable?

Wen-Jong Lin 

r&d advisor

A lifetime of passion for mechanical engineering and technology, he 
applies his expertise for bringing new ideas to life for power potentials. 
a wide and deep range of studies and experience (earning MBA
 and PhD degrees) has led to top-level positions as a professor and research 
scientist, most recently with the Singapore institute of manufacturing technology.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 1.57.41 PM.png

Henk Nico Van Den Berg 

European market leader & energy expert

Van Den Berg advises and assists owners and managers of social real 
estate (schools, churches, club, neighborhood and care buildings 
to achieve:

  1. energy saving studies

  2. building heating without natural gas

  3. indoor climate comfort

  4. thermal imaging photography

  5. energy saving project realization

  6. turnkey energy systems from 200 
kVA for a 100% emission-free 
energy supply

  7. efficiency increase in installations with solar panels

Henrik Adler Nielsen

European market leader & energy expert

Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Energy Technology graduated 1988

With over 30 years in the energy industry in technical analysis and optimization, Henrik provides versatile, professional energy advice to any company or organization. He also has extensive experience with both technical and financial strategies.
Henrik is especially active on the leading edge of renewable energy strategies in Denmark.

So from analysis to sales and implementation, budgeting and systems monitoring and more, Henrik is a valuable addition to the Power Potentials team.

HAN (2).jpeg
Garrett. F. Aziz.jpg

Garrett F. Aziz 

USA market leader & r&d

Began his career as a consultant for multi-million dollar loans. he has always had one passion–making this planet a healthier, happier, and safer place via fossil-fuel-free power generation. this led him into the world of magnetism, electromagnetism, and electrical theory for more than eighteen years of intensive research, development, and experimentation.

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