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Would your business like to save 50% on electricity ?

If your company is committed to purchasing increasing amounts of renewable power, talk to us and we'll help you get there.

  • The PowerBox reduces the cost of power dramatically, enhancing any bottom line

  • Valuable PR and news attention for you to be seen as a progressive leader entity

  • Potential tax incentives

  • From a single office to a massive campus, reduce your energy costs and still provide all the reliable power those hungry machines, lighting, HVAC, PCs and mobile devices require, 24/7

The PowerBox brings

power to the people.
And people to the power.

Power Potentials invites energy researchers to discover our technology, partners to open doors and the public to spread the world. 


  • a groundswell of multiple applications for virtually any power need

  • a technology you can partner with, sell and enhance

  • as an off-grid solution, The PowerBox will help provide power to the many millions in the world who have no access to electricity

A wealth of information about The PowerBox awaits you in this

scrollable, printable, downloadable PDF.

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