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It's everywhere.

Undeniable. Inexhaustible. Invisible. Mysterious. Real.


Finally, its untapped energy potential is available to the world.


And to you.


If you work anywhere 
in the power industry,
come say hello to The PowerBox

Solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, coal, fossil fuel–if you generate, transmit or distribute electricity, we're here to help you:

  • reduce operational costs

  • increase your efficiency and enhance performance

  • lower your carbon footprint and boost your sustainability index

Our PowerBox prototype 2021.

One cubic meter of smart

for everyone.

Because The PowerBox has harnessed the clean, endless, abundant,

essential force of gravity.

The PowerBox is a scalable power inverter/transformer replacement in a one-cubic meter, tested, verified, CE-complied, US-patented machine.

The first technology that supports both renewable/non-renewable energy businesses.

Governments, utility companies, renewable power engineers, investors and global partners are rallying around this technology.

The power struggles are real.


Nearly every single power generation source on Earth suffers from critical inefficiency, and/or cost and profitability pressures.

The grid itself will benefit from increased efficiency, loss recovery and cost reductions.

Power Potentials is poised to become

a global leader in reliable, innovative

and efficient energy

Power Potentials is a supporter of the following Five Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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UN goalsimage.png
unnamed (1).png
unnamed (2).png
unnamed (3).png
unnamed (4).png

Here in 2021, we offer a very critical benefit to the renewable energy industry, specifically for solar and wind utilities.

So please allow us to use the solar and wind industry to show you the many benefits available to all energy providers....

Just curious.

Is it sunny and windy enough where you are?


When it comes to making solar and wind reliable and efficient, there are some undeniable obstacles:


And of course, you can’t collect solar energy when the sun doesn’t shine or wind energy when the wind doesn’t blow.
Which means you can’t provide 24/7 peak energy from solar or wind without very expensive battery arrays, or by remaining dependent on the grid.

Plus, the global market prices per MW are dropping fast and fluctuate wildly from week to week.

The PowerBox benefits to solar and wind utilities

  • The PowerBox recovers the inevitable losses in solar and wind power generation transmission and distribution

  • The PowerBox makes solar and wind utilities able to provide their customers with peak power 24/7, without the crippling expense of battery arrays or grid dependence

  • Solar and wind power can be provided at far less cost, while increasing sustainable profits

  • Solar and wind energy will grow globally without resistance, doubt or barriers of


A green technology company that also supports

fossil fuel businesses?


That depends.
Exactly how much money would you like to save?


  • Enhance your your reliability and stability by integrating your power generation/transmission/distribution with the clear, stable, abundant source of energy – gravity

  • You can preserve your current infrastructure by simply replacing power transformers and enjoy a tremendous positive impact on your clients' satisfaction

  • Increasing your efficiency with The PowerBox's gravity-based technology will  significantly lower your fuel consumption with a direct improvement in profitability

  • Plus, in 2021, lowering your carbon footprint will increase your competitiveness

In Negotiation


Energy is valuable.
Energy innovations are even moreso.



For scientists, engineers, renewable energy researchers, geeks and environmentalists– information
about our technology.
And don’t just believe us –
believe the numbers.

Business Conference


You can definitely save a lot of money.
And maybe the planet, too.

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